All The Things You Thought You Knew

  • All The Things You Thought You Knew

Story book zine with illustrations

A5, Staple-bound, 36 Pages, Thick waxy cover w/ heavy paper innards, 10 illustrations, high quality grayscale printing.

Includes download code for accompanying soundtrack available from


As a child, Daniel used to play at the folly, a ruined tower in the parkland by his home. Forever trying to capture a glimpse of a Malady Ambercandle, a sneaky witch of local legend, he never once saw her.

Now a teenager, Daniel slips into a depression when his dad leaves home. Fleeing his house he finds solace in a den hidden deep in the park, where he meets a curious young girl.

Soon he is reminded of the existence of the legendary witch and her powers to make the universe forget the existence of people, and the folly might just hold the answers.

A coming-of-age horror story to make your heart pang. File alongside folklore, first crushes, and nostalgia.

Story and soundtrack by Ferrydor Archive
Art by Gene Mutation